Let Me See My Children

What Can I Do If My Ex-Partner Refuses To Let Me See My Children?

As Divorce Lawyers Perth will tell you, children are often weaponised during a divorce by either the mother, the father or both parents. Sadly, and invariably, there is never a winner if this happens, and the people most likely to suffer are the children, through no fault of their own.

This weaponisation can be done in many ways such as using the children as some kind of bargaining chip when it comes to agreeing on the financial settlement, or by trying to influence the children to say untrue things in the court if they are asked questions as part of family report.

Even after the court has issued its order with regards to the divorce, and the children, in particular, the dust doesn’t always settle. Unfortunately, there are many instances where the parent with whom the children live still try to use them in a way that they think punishes their ex-partner.

One of the most common of these is where the children live with their mother, and despite the court ordering shared parental responsibility and visitation, she tries to stop the father from seeing the children. We should point out this can also happen when the roles are reversed, and it is the father stopping the mother seeing her children.

If you are the parent being denied the chance to see your children, then it can be upsetting and also a cause for anger, which is understandable.

One thing you cannot do is try to see the children forcibly by turning up early at their school for example and taking them with you. That could be the quickest way of seeing yourself in court, but for all the wrong reasons.